Seeking Eden

Pennsylvania, 1683. Will and Susanna, inspired by William Penn’s vision of a Quaker colony in America, set off with their family to begin a new life overseas. Their son Josiah gains an apprenticeship with a Quaker merchant, and falls in love with his daughter, Katherine. But when they sail to Barbados on business, Josiah is shocked at what he finds there, and must struggle to uphold his own beliefs.

“ was with a mixture of longing and trepidation that I waited for this book; both hoping that it would be as good as the previous two and fearing that it couldn’t be. I really didn’t need to have worried, however. From the very first page I was swept back into the world.”
ML Jensen, Amazon review.

“The characters walk off the page, the description is economical and yet vivid. You can smell the sawdust and see the new houses going up as the town emerges, raw and optimistic, from the soil of the States. Above all, this is a gripping, exciting story that kept this reader, at least, up way beyond her usual bedtime.”
Leslie Wilson, Armadillo Magazine, June 2012.

“The New World depicted is fresh, international and challenging in unexpected ways... Trade takes Jos to the sugar plantations, and he is drawn unwillingly but inexorably into the coils of the slave trade. We care deeply about this: not just for the abused Africans, but for the morally compromised Christians.”
Richard Lee, Historical Novels Review, August 2012.

“She also takes us, from the start of the story, into the life of a young man captured in Africa, taken across the Atlantic in a violent, stinking, death-trap of a slave ship, through the experience of being sold in Barbados... We see Josiah becoming his ally, his almost-friend and his unintended enemy. Josiah is rescuer, risk-taker; he is muddled, brave and foolish.”
Alison Leonard, The Friend, 2nd August 2012.


Kindle edition available in October 2013.

UK: Walker Books on 7th June 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4063-2542-3



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